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My lifework and main job.

I recently started new activities as an art teacher while making ceramic art works in Kyoto.

It has been for about six years since I returned to Japan from Taipei in 2016 .

When I started to live in Kyoto, I didn't have any electric kilns, so I was looking for a part-time job for welfare facilities.

Then I got a job as a teacher of the children's facility in my neighborhood.

Then half a year later, I got my electric kiln at home, so I started my ceramic studio. Now I just teach ceramic class at that children's facility once in a year.

Then for three years, I had been selling my ceramic dolls, accessories and small-sized art pieces at the department stores.

It was the wonderful experience that I could hear the customer's voice directly and learn customers' demands.

However when I had a solo exhibition at Kyoto Daimaru this year,

"I will take a break to sell at pop up shops for a while, I will just continue the solo and the group exhibitions, and will concentrate art teaching jobs."

I decided.

After I thought like that, I was asked to teach art classes at the welfare facility for the disabled.

I was surprised at my luck and I thought my destiny may have heard the sound of the switch was turned in my heart.

The job was exactly what I really wanted.

When I received an offer, I had already started to learn art therapy for any chances, and I'm still studying now.

When the direction I'm going is correct, it's like invisible support comes from somewhere.

When the direction is wrong, I don't get any support.

My two good friends gave me advices,

"The job for teaching others will match your personality."

"Ceramic art is definitely your lifework, but there is another job you should do."

I felt these opinions were correct, so I followed them.

Now, the keyword in my heart is "Real thing".

I'm triying my best to be a real ceramic artist and an art teacher.

※ Picture is my self-portrait, handbuild, inside is compretely empty.

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